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Phygen FortiPhy Chromium-Nitride (CrN) Data Sheet
FortiPhy CrN Sheet

See the FAQ’s on Phygen FortiPhy thin film coatings. Can FortiPhy improve abrasive wear resistance? How does PVD CrN coating affect tool hardness? How are ultra-endurance coatings applied? How does thin-film surface finish affect coatings? FAQ section also provides answers to many other questions.
FortiPhy - Just the FAQ's

Cowles Stamping

Metal Forming Success Story:
Cowles Stamping

Metal Forming Success Story, Toledo Technologies, Precision Metal Stamper Switches from Carbide to Phygen FortiPhy™ UltraEndurance™ Coating on DC53

Metal Forming Success Story:
Toledo Technologies

Metal Forming Success Story, Glacier Vandervell Relies on Quick-Change Tooling and Phygen UltraEndurance PVD Coatings

Metal Forming Success Story:
Glacier Vandervell Bearings

Shiroki NA Metal Forming Success Story: See how FortiPhy high performance surface coatings helped this company.

Metal Forming Success Story:
Shiroki North America

Metal Forming Success Story - Pentaflex

Metal Forming Success Story:
Pentaflex, Incorporated

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