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Feature Articles on Phygen Coatings




Feature Articles on PVD-Based Chromium-Nitride (CrN ) Tool Coating

Strong Finish

Coating technology increases uptime, trims costs for tool-and-die companyThis article appeared in the January 2012 online issue of

Coating technology increases uptime, trims costs for tool-and-die company. — more story here

Galling When Stamping HSLA Parts

Tool coating for gall-free stamping in MetalForming magazine.This article appeared in the February 2007 issue of MetalForming magazine.

A new tool coating eliminates
severe galling when deep drawing
brackets for automotive seating
assemblies, and slashes downtime
needed for part rework and
die maintenance. — more story here

Laying It on Thick with Specialized Coatings

Printed with permission from MOLDMAKING TECHNOLOGY, May 2003 issue. Written by Sherry L. Baranek

Phygen PVD surface coatings offers wear resistant tool coating without tool distortion.While conventional coatings are designed to extend the life of a tool by making it stronger, often quite the opposite occurs. High temperature chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and thermal diffusion (TD) processes used to apply hard wear-resistant coatings are able to change a tool’s critical dimensions and mechanical properties. — more story here

New CrN Tool Coatings Keep Going and Going and Going…

Printed with permission from METALFORMING, July 2003 issue. Written by Brad F. Kuvin, Editor

Phygen CrN coating on deep-draw tools, form tools and cutting-tool edges last longer than other coatings.Phygen PVD-applied chromium-nitride coatings on deep-draw tools, form tools and cutting-tool edges last longer than other coatings, and they go on with minimal heating of the tool, preventing distortion and other unsavory side effects of hotter coating processes. — more story here

PVD Process Provides Superior Adhesion, Dense Coating Structure to Increase Tool Durability

by David C. Bell, President and CEO, Phygen Coatings, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Phygen PVD surface coatings provides superior adhesion, dense coating structure to increase tool durability.Among the many challenges facing die toolmakers are premature failures of the tooling caused by heat checking, soldering, corrosion or oxidation and erosive wear. These failures cause production delays and increase the overall cost of operation. During the last 10 years, PVD processes have been used to deposit thin, hard coatings on engineering components — such as forming and cutting tools — to significantly reduce tool wear. — more story here

High-performance coating helps stamper fight downtime

Printed with permission from THE FABRICATOR, December 2004 issue

High-performance tool coating from Phygen Coatings, Inc. helps stamper fight downtime.No production stamper likes to have press downtime. It simply costs too much money. For this reason, progressive stampers invest quite a bit of time, money, and energy in finding ways to fight downtime and to make their presses as productive as possible. — more story here

Tool Coating Halts Draw-Tool Galling

PDF furnished with permission from METALFORMING, September 2006 issue

Phygen Coatings PVD, CrN coating halts draw-tool galling.Pentaflex, Inc., Springfield, OH, a heavy-gauge stamper, runs presses to 2300 tons to produce heavy-duty components for the tractor-trailer industry, including close-tolerance brake-system
components. — get the PDF here

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