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FortiPhySM PVD CrN Coatings for Metal Forming, Die Casting and Injection Molding Industries

CertiPhySMTiAIN Coatings Made for High-Value Tooling and The Most Severe Die Casting Applications

VeriPhySM Titanium Nitride (TiN/TiCN) Based Tool Coatings Made Especially for Die Casting Applications




Phygen’s VeriPhySM Titanium Nitride (TiN/TiCN) Based Tool Coating Made Especially for Die Casting Applications

VeriPhy titanium nitride coating (TiN tool coating) from Phygen CoatingsVeriPhy is a titanium nitride (TiN) based coating that was developed specifically as a cost-effective workhorse coating for die casting applications.  Phygen’s filtered arc coating deposition process provides a combination of high coating density and superior adhesion with exceptionally low levels of micro defects. 

Another feature of this coating is its graded architecture of individually tailored layers of titanium nitride and carbonitride (TiN/TiCN) for improved heat checking resistance and minimal soldering.  The excellent performance of this coating has been field proven by major U.S. aluminum and magnesium die casting companies.

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