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Colorado School of Mines - Surface Engineering and Coatings for Die Casting

Argonne National Laboratory - A Preliminary Report on Phygen Coatings

Dr. Frank Lemkey, Consulting Metallurgist

Dr. John B Woodford, Tribiology & Wear Resistance




CrN Thin film tool coating Questions Answered by Experts

Phygen thin film tool coating, CrN tool coating reduces friction and wear.Phygen's FortiPhySM thin film tool coating has been analyzed by metallurgical and tribological experts at universities and national testing laboratories. It also has been tested and proven where it counts—in the field, applied to engineered components in a variety of industries. Here are some quotes from the experts:

Dr. John J. Moore

Trustees' Professor, Head of the department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, and Director of the Advanced Coatings and Surface Engineering Laboratory at the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado.

“Coatings must minimize wetting/chemical interaction between liquid aluminum and the working surface of the coating system. The coating also must provide superior wear resistance and exhibit good adhesion to the die substrate…In Aluminum Die casting, the Phygen FortiPhy coating has performed extremely well, exhibiting good adhesion, low wettability, and high wear resistance.” — read more

John B. Woodford, PhD and Mohumad al-Zoubi, PhD
Argonne National Laboratory

Phygen's CrN coating affords considerable protection to sliding surfaces, and reduces friction and wear in lubricated contacts. Its homogeneity is quite good, which should translate into improved mechanical properties.

“The low abundance of entrained droplets suggests this film may not exhibit the poor wear properties of conventionally grown coatings. In addition, no porosity is evident in the film, indicating that it should be tougher...” — read more

Frank Lemkey Ph.D.

Consulting Metallurgist and Visiting Professor of Metallurgy with more than 40 years of experience in processing high temperature alloys and coatings produced by electron beam vapor deposition.

Phygen has developed and patented a magnetically enhanced cathodic arc process to deposit tough adherent micro grain CrN coatings that possess high hardness and wear resistance. Already successful in protecting and enhancing the life of ferrous tooling, these coatings also may find further application in protecting rotating titanium components of helicopter and gas turbine engines especially those operating in marine environments." — read more

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